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Accelerate rapid innovation with AI and ML

February 24, 2022

Organizations and businesses of all sizes and governments new and old had to change across all facets, and adopt new technologies to accelerate innovation with the shift to the digital world. This session provides a recap of the days' sessions and addresses some of the commonly asked questions related to AI/ML with AWS. Additionally, learn how AWS is freeing businesses and builders to solve real-world business problems in any industry and innovate with confidence. Find out the latest announcements and developments in AWS machine learning, demos of new technology, and insights from customers. To conclude, the session focuses on how 2022 will be the launchpad for all kinds of change to continue that acceleration.
Olivier Klein, Chief Technologist, APJ, AWS
Dean Samuels, Chief Technologist, APJ, ASEAN, AWS

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Innovate faster and build a smarter business with AI and ML on AWS

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